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How to earn money from Google – Step by Step with pictures – Explained!

The information detailed in this blog is usually sold for thousands of dollars! And all these information can be accessed completely by you for free. I hope you guys like what i do here :) Anyways, Google as we know is the king of the internet world. Google is probably the first website visited by most of the people every day, when they start browsing internet. It is the most visited website in the world too. And as you know advertisements are key to bringing traffic into any business. So people look to advertise were there are lots and lots of people to show their advertisements too. So just imagine how big the Google advertisement business is. Now how to make money with Google? That’s what I am going to show you in this post.

How to earn money from Google? I can list many ways here but the only and the best way to make money with Google is of course, Google Adsense. In fact Google Adsense is one of the best way to earn money online. Now what is Adsense and how does it work? Google Adsense is a program which enables websites to earn money by displaying advertisements to its viewers. Now to understand Adsense you need to understand Google Adwords too. It’s easy don’t worry…just stick with me. :)

Google Adwords is the advertisement platform by Google and it is the main revenue source for Google too. The main product in the platform for the advertisers is Pay Per Click (PPC). In PPC program an advertiser has to pay Google for every click the Google network creates for the advertisement. Now every clicks leads to the advertisers website and the advertiser receives targeted traffic for his website or products and services. By targeted traffic I mean the type of person or customer that an advertiser wants to attract to his site or products.

Now where do Google shows these advertisements? It shows at the SERP (Search engine result page) or at other people’s website in the Google network. So The answer to the question i.e. how to earn money from Google is, build a small WordPress blog (which is easy if you know internet), and apply for Google Adsense program and earn money from the advertisement clicks you generate from the Google Ads you show on your blog.

Earn Money Online from Google


How much Investment is required?

Now as I have already discussed i my earlier posts, investments are required for any good online opportunity. Investments are required for the basic necessities like a computer, internet connection, hosting and domain for website, few useful software’s, etc… Now this is not huge and i believe everyone can afford it. As you already reached my blog through a computer and internet, i assume you have already covered this part. For rest it around 20 to 100 dollars per Year for a beginner, and these includes hosting, domain and few software’s. So if you divide it into monthly expenses, it is very small! Like only 1 to 10 dollars a month! Its less than what you spend on telephone bills aint it? :p

How Much Money can we make with Google?

Well it depends on the size of your site and the amount of traffic you can generate to your site. Expert webmasters make thousands of dollars from a single site of theirs. But realistically as a beginner you must aim at-least for 250 dollars per month from a single site or blog. With testing and experiences with time, you can increase it to 500 or even more than 1000 dollars a month. So we will b setting a target in here. Build a Niche blog every month for next five month. That means you will have 5 different Niche Blogs. And within 6 months your target income from these 5 sites must be 100 dollars from each site, i.e. 500 dollars a month. And gradually you can increase it to 1000 dollars and more.

This is more practical and realistic approach that i use and that i want you to use, as i don’t want any one to be mislead like others do. Other bloggers or so called gurus can mislead you by saying that you can earn 1000 dollars within a month or so! But just think, is it really practical? The real reason it takes time is that Google doesn’t rank your sites on top so fast! The more high you rank, the more traffic you gain and the more money you make. It takes time and also you need time to collect and post content into your Niche Blog too right?

How to select a Niche (Topic) for the blog?

The Niche selection is the most important decisive step that weeds out the Successful and the Unsuccessful ones apart. If you select the right keywords to target the Niche, Google can earn you lot of money. But if you end up with wrong Niche, you will end up very very disappointed! To know which Niches got money and if that Niche is competitive for the Google’s top spot in the search engines, these are the two factors we look into most here. Our criteria to select a niche are as below:

  1. Number of monthly local searches
  2. CPC (cost per click) for the keyword
  3. SEO Competition
  4. Quantity & Quality Test


Google Keyword Research Tool

To understand these criteria’s and how to do the research on this, you need to download my SEO E-book- ‘What Google really wants’ and you also need to read my earlier post on Affiliate Marketing by clicking here. The E-book and post will take you through keyword researching which is required to be done for first three steps of criteria selection I mentioned above.

Number of Monthly Local Searches:

To select a topic or Niche for our Adsense website, we need to conduct keyword research first. By keyword research we are looking into some factors which indicate if the topic can be profitable or not. So first thing we need to look into is if the topic has good number of people searching for it on Google. By looking into Monthly local searches for the keyword, you get an indication of expected traffic to your site by being on the top of the Google SERP.

Now Google Adword’s Keyword tool is the perfect place to do the above research for free. Of course there are many good softwares to do this more easily and in a more productive way but if you are limited by bucks in your bank account, Adwords is the lifeline for you. You can find other softwares for keyword researching in the resource page. Now when you do the keyword research you need to make sure you have checked the exact match tab in the left side of the keyword tool page. It is checked to broad match by default, but you need to check it to exact match before you start your keyword research every time. This is very important as you need to get the right picture of the number of people looking for the same keyword and not keywords similar to that you are looking for.

So our basic criteria here should be minimum of 3000 exact match local searches per month for the keyword. Now I suggest you to target a specific country. It is easier to get ranked for the keyword if you target just one country. Also check the Google trends for the keyword in the country. You can right click on the keyword form the keyword suggestions and check the Google trends for the particular one.

Now do some simple prediction based on maths. Suppose you are number one for a keyword on Google which receives 3000 exact match searches every month. So you get 3000 visitors to your site every month. And considering every 10 people out of 100 visitors clicked on the Adsense ads, and you get 1 dollar for each click. So how much potential you got to earn money from Google from a small niche blog?


Keyword Research Filters

Minimum Cost per click for the keyword

Looking for a keyword with good CPC is also important. You need at least 1 Dollar of CPC for the keyword. You need not worry with the competition for CPC as high competition for CPC is good for us as we are getting money from ads and not paying the high amounts. Get it? That means the advertisers are paying the said amount for every time someone clicks on that ad on our website. So if those advertisers are competing and having to bid high then it’s directly profiting you and you make good money with Google. Aint that Sweet? :)

SEO Competition


Judging the SEO competition is very important before you decide on which Niche to build your Adsense website. This is because you need to make sure that the main keyword you are targeting for is not that difficult to rank for in Google’s SERP. Typically I look for a keyword for which I may be able to rank in the top 5 sites on SERP within 6 months.

Now how to judge it? To judge better you need to understand how SEO works. You need to learn it’s and bits of SEO. To start with read my SEO E-Book ‘What Google really wants’. And then you would be able to know what important factors are considered by Google to rank a website high in its SERP’s. So once you know these factors, you can look into the competition and judge by yourself ask see if you can do better than them. But who exactly are these competitors? When you do keyword research, you look for the keyword on Google SERP for the websites ranking for that keyword. The top ten websites ranking for the keyword in Google SERP are your competitors of which I am talking about here. First install a free extension called ‘SEOquake’ for Chrome or Firefox to help you analyze the competition for the keyword. Then activate the extension and look for the below factors…

I have listed some brief, basic steps here to help you judge your competition.

  1.      Competitors Site Authority: Authority of a site is a really important factor for Google as it likes to show good quality authoritive sites on top of its SERP’s. Sites with hundreds of pages indexed in Google automatically get high authoritive points from Google.  Now as we are looking to rank for small Niche sites, large authority sites are real threat to our quest here. BUT don’t just quit there, look for the keywords the page is targeted for, if it’s the keyword you are looking for or if Google is filling with related results to show up some results. If Google is filling up the space with related keywords, then you got a chance even against the authoritive sites. You need to judge the relevancy of the competitor’s site with the keyword you are targeting. If you feel your site can be more relevant and if the competitor’s site is not optimized for the keyword you are targeting, then you need not worry.
  2.      Competitors Page Rank: Page Rank was very important factor till 2010, but now it’s just another small factor. Site Authority is the biggest factor here than Page Rank. Still I suggest you not to enter a Niche where top sites have got huge Page Ranks. But again if you see Google filling up the space with related results, then you need not worry.
  3.     Competitors Back-link profile: Back-links are the biggest Off-page factor which you need to analyze about your competitors. Back-links are in way positive votes for any given site from other site. Back before 2010, number of back-links used to be the x-factor. But now number of relevant links makes the difference. Check the competitor’s back-link profile from the back-link checker tool at the resource page. Analyze the number of relevant links it has got. If there many links from websites which talks about the same topic to your competitor’s website, that too from high Page-Rank sites, then you should think twice before entering into the ring with those heavy weights.
  4.     Competitor’s On-Page SEO optimization: We also need to analyze how optimized the competitors webpage is for the keyword we are targeting. After reading my E-books and SEO posts, you will be able to analyze and distinguish good and bad SEO techniques and will be able to judge if the competitor has applied good SEO or is weak in it.


Quantity & Quality Test

Now as I stress in ma E-Book and earlier posts, Relevant and quality content is the most important factor for SEO nowadays. Click here to read what is really working in SEO now. In the page I have also explained how quality and quantity factors increase a web page’s SEO factor, thus directly increasing its ranking on Google. In a nutshell Google will always rank the pages high which, it feels offers more quantity and quality experience for its users i.e. the readers. So ask yourself if you can manage better articles for your Niche Blog compared to the competitors at the top of the Google SERP, in terms of Quantity and Quality of content. Typically I myself aim for more than 25 quality articles posts for my small Niche blogs and for each article posts I aim for at-least 2000 words! I know it’s huge but let me tell you it is bare minimum figure, if you really want to succeed in this field. So my point is you should be able to research deep in the field and be able to compile and write that much amount of quality content, so that Google is forced to rank you well.


Finding Ideas for the Keyword Research

I find some people complaining about the difficulty finding ideas for the keyword research. It was true to me too when I started. But then it came to me naturally but it’s not that butter smooth! It takes time to find the right Niche and the main keyword. You need to let the lazy side of you to go for a long walk! Keyword research might take weeks sometimes at the beginning because it is not that simple and it is the most important step which decides the fate of success of the project. Right keyword = success or else waste of time and money!

So how do you find the right ideas? Look deep into your hobbies, or the things you like most or spend most of time on. Or just look into the small stuffs you see daily around you. It might be the stuffs placed at your coffee table, or your desk or maybe even a topic inside your computer. You just need to look and think deep.

Building the Niche Blog

Once you have selected the Niche and your main keyword, it’s time to build your Niche Blog. You also need to refer my second post on Affiliate Marketing were i also brief on how to build a WordPress Blog, Click here to read the post. To build the Niche blog you need to also look deep into these factors:

  1. Selection of Hosting
  2. Selection of Domain
  3. Selection of WordPress Theme
  4. Selecting the angle on the Readers
  5. Collecting the articles resources
  6. Publishing and going live
  7. Applying for Google Adsense
  8. Optimizing Ads on the Blog


Selection of Hosting

A good hosting provider plays an important part in SEO. It is because you need a fast server to host your blogs. A slow server means slow loading time. As I mentioned in my SEO E-book, Google likes to rank websites which provides best user experience for its users, at the top. And also Google checks for bad neighborhood of your site. If you are hosted on free or cheap hosting platforms, chances are that you are sharing the hosting space with bad or even banned sites! This is a big turn off for Google and all your efforts are going to be nullified by this! You also need your own website domain and hosted on a good server to get approved for the Adsense program. Visit my Resource Page to know which hosting services I use and get Special discounts on them.

Selection of Domain

Domain Selection plays another small but important part in SEO.  Even after the ‘EMD updates’ by Google, domain name relevant to your main keyword is very useful. You will get more details about this in my SEO E-Book. Use the Resource Page for discounts on Domain names.


Selection of WordPress Theme

A good neat and user friendly is the best SEO friendly theme. You need a clean and simple but nice theme to catch on to the readers and also the Search Engines. Put yourself into the reader shoes and test many themes for your blog. Remember simple user friendly theme is the best SEO friendly theme.


Selecting the Angle on the Readers

In this section we are going to talk all about improving conversion rate. Now what does conversion rate mean here? For us conversion rate here means the percentage of people who clicks the ads served in our site. For example if we get 100 people visiting our site daily, out of which 20 people clicks the ads, our conversion rate is 20%. So it means that greater the percentage, more the income you earn from your website.

But achieving a conversion rate of 20% is fairly hard! Think of yourself, how many times do you click an ad on a website you visit? So we need to think and create an angle on the visitors to achieve higher conversion rate. Now you don’t appeal your blog visitors to click the ads! This will get you banned for sure from Google and you will never be able to get selected for the Adsense program again! The visitors must naturally click those ads.

Now there are many angles you can try on the visitors. I tried two main angles with the readers. One is build crappy content only optimized for search engines so that visitors flock in through Google but as the content is not worth it; they exit the site from the Ads they see on the site! And second is build extremely good content for the site, with lots of quality content and bring those visitors back again to your site and at some point they might be served with an interesting Ad to click. The second one worked the best for me because the visitors came back, spent more time in the site, and shared the site with social media too. Now spending more time on site works wonders as the Adsense Ads keep rotating and at some point the visitors find some interesting Ads to click. So it’s up to you to test such angles and stick with what is working. The decision is also based on the factors such as the age of your prospected visitors, with respect to your Niche, profession, interests, etc…

Collecting the article resources

Collecting the resources for the content for your articles is a time consuming part. But you can organize it into parts. Firstly you need to decide on the structure of the Niche blog. That is what all topic you are going to cover in the site. To select the topics, you can use Adwords Keyword tool to find related question people search on Google. Once you got these questions, you can use them as title for each article. This greatly improves the relevancy of your site in the eyes of Google when you finish publishing all topics.

So you need to research a lot for the topics and keep bookmarks or save d links for future references. Make separate folders for bookmarks in your browser. It will help you organize better and find it easily in future. Finding resource articles aren’t that difficult if you know how to browse on Google. Use search tools to customize your searches. Filters like news, pages from custom dates, etc will help you find more relevant resources.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO REWRITE THE RESOURCES IN YOUR OWN WORDS AND NOT COPY THEM AS IT IS. If you copy them, you either end up in legal dispute or Google will ban you from its search engine for copy cat content!


Publishing and going Live

Before going live you need to test and proof read your posts. Then you need to ping your blog to various search engines. Download Jetpack for WordPress plugin, which automatically send pings for you (Don’t forget to activate the plugin). Now it’s time for manual Link building. Share the link of your new blogs in Social bookmarking sites and other Social media sites. You can find the names of those common sites in my Link Building Website List page here. Follow the link building strategy I described in my SEO E-Book. Realistically it will take two to three months to get real traffic from Google if you do things right. Be patient. Till then keep building links and keep posting comments on various related posts and articles along with your sites url. Commenting on Forums and other blogs and articles with your links will also bring in few traffic until Google start sending your real traffic. Further follow my posts on SEO to get updated on latest SEO techniques and tips.


Applying for Google Adsense

Now this is another important part of the project. Without Adsense account you won’t be able to earn the money we were talking about. But before you apply for the Adsense account you need to complete these steps:

  1. You need a contact page with your name (Can be a Pen Name) and Contact details in it. Listing a phone number and email address is a good practice. But a valid Email address is the bare minimum and is a must.
  2. Build an About Us page. You can see the About us pages of other similar bloggers and write similar ones for you.
  3. Build a Privacy Policy Page. Privacy Policy Page is very important for you to get approved by Google. You need to mention all your advertisement policies, cookies and other related stuffs details etc… If you don’t understand those stuff, just copy it either from a related website which runs Adsense on its website (just like I do :p) or copy and modify the stuffs from my Privacy policy page.
  4. Create a well structured user and mobile friendly website. It should look like a crap build by an amateur who doesn’t know what he is doing.

These steps will get you approved for the Google Adsense Program. You need to verify your address once you reach the minimum payout limit of 10 dollars. Google will send you a letter which contains a pin to verify your address. Once verified, Google will send you your earnings by check to your address.


Optimizing Ads on the Blog.

Optimizing Ads especially position is crucial. You need to test your ad positions and use it accordingly. But to start with I like to place large rectangle type ad at the bottom inside every post and a short text one just after the heading. You can only display three ads in a single page as per Google terms. So test the best position that works best for you. You can also try plugins like ‘Quick Adsense’ to optimize your Ads more conveniently.

Make Money with Google

So as i said go with a more practical and realistic approach. Take time to build a good Niche blog and develop it into something useful so that people will want to share it and visit it more often. Google will also appreciate this approach and will rank your site high. So be patient and so good work and you can earn a lot of money from Google. To know more or if you got any doubts just leave a comment. Cheers… :)

Apr 04

How to earn money online in India – 10 possible ways i learned!


In this post I am gonna talk about different types of online business models you can set up to earn money online. Some of these online business models might look difficult for a normal person who doesn’t know anything about it, BUT i will show you how to do it with the help of the beauty named ‘OUTSOURCING’.  I will explain all the details on how to get started on each business models and how to increase your profits by automatic the process and how to outsource the difficult parts to professionals cheaply, etc in other posts which will follow. So look out for those post and you can subscribe for my newsletter for updates on new posts. Here i am just going to outline the business models to help you determine what online business model to choose to start with.

how to earn money online in India


How this works is you write many articles for the revenue sharing websites and you get the share of revenue generated from the visitors to your article. Now this is not exactly a huge online money earning business in India but it will surely get you help started and gain experience for other online business ideas and the best part, – you can start it without investment from home. You can write articles on various topics by researching the internet and structuring the articles for readers looking for certain knowledge or answers.

Now this is a good option to start with as you don’t need much investment to get started and you can start seeing results faster than the other online business ideas. If you can manage to write more than hundred article in a month and you stop writing more you can atleast earn like Rs 5000 every month from just the one months work you did! So you write more and good articles you earn more. Read more about about Earning Money Online from Article writing here.



Affiliate Marketing or Internet Marketing is the best way to earn income online.

How it works is you earn money from commission you earn by selling other peoples products. Now all you have to do to earn that commission is to get people to click on a link which leads them to the product website and when those people purchase those products you earn a percentage of the sale amount! These affiliate links are generated for you, which has a special code attached to it to help track your commission earnings.

Now many many companies like to advertise their products through affiliate programs. Among many such companies which runs affiliate programs in India are: Ebay, Flipkart, Jabong, Godaddy, Amazon, Healthkart and many more…

Now I know many people who earn like Rupees 50 lakhs per month by affiliate marketing and as far i my opinion goes, it is the best answer to –  how to earn money online in India ! But its not easy to reach those levels that quickly. I will explain it to you in detail how affiliate marketers i.e. internet marketers work to achieve those figures in my Affiliate Marketing specific posts. So watch out for that space.

You can also check out how to build an income source from Paid to click (PTC) websites. Click here to know more about PTC income source without investment



Now how this works is you build and maintain websites and build a considerable number of audience i.e traffic to your websites. When you have considerable number of traffic in your website you can sell advertisement places on your websites or run Yahoo, Bing, Google and other advertising companies advertisements on your website and earn cash. Every time any of your website audience or visitor check out these ads from Yahoo or Google, you earn money each time!. Check out

how to earn money from Google

by clicking here. This online business method can earn you a fortune (I mean really huge!) but it will take time and smart work for you to build a big empire through this method. Check out my detailed post about how to earn money online by advertisements for more details.



An Ebook is an electronic version of a printed book. It can be in either PDF or any other digital format accessible by digital devices. Ebook are very good and easy source of knowledge in today’s fast moving world. Now if are looking for to know something in todays computer and smartphone age, you are most likely to find download and read an Ebook on your laptop or smartphone rather than go to a library or bookstore to buy a printed book!

Now you can create Ebooks by picking a topic, doing proper research of the topic online and putting it all together into an Ebook and sell it to the people looking out for those information and earn huge profits from it.  Now people doesn’t have time to research deep into the internet to find their answers! They are lazy! So you can earn lots of money by creating a Ebook business. There are many people who earn in millions by selling Ebook! Its a huge industry taking over the conventional printed books business in a rapid pace! More bout this Online Business model on my detailed post…



A membership website is usually some type of site that delivers some type of content to the person who has purchased the access to the members area. The content may be in the form of a knowledge base, tools and software’s,  community access, forums, discount deals, dating or chatting site, or an online couching or consultation service, etc..  There is a huge opportunity for membership websites in this age of internet. People earn huge amount of money by running these membership websites. You can also build  a membership site and it could prove to be a money earning site for you if you do things right.



Now i am NOT talking here about how to build software like Microsoft or Google! All i am talking about is developing small software’s and mobile apps targeted to solving small problems of people. The great thing about software development is that it is very scalable! i.e. it can be sold to millions of people but you don’t have to pack or ship it everytime! So imagine how much you can earn from this online business model!


The difficult part here is to find the opportunity and develop a good product. Then you can automate the selling process easily and potentially earn a lot of money online! But the downside of this business model is that it may i say again it MAY require more investments than other online businesses i listed here. BUT again you can potentially earn more than other online businesses through software development!
Now if you are new to this i can explain it to you in detail, how to set up this business model, in my later posts. So watch out this space fro that post.


7. EBAY: How to become an eBay Seller-

Ebay is an online shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide. Well You can list a Product in ebay for free. But the issue here is what product to sell, how to source the product, and the investment required for the product and how to market it in Ebay. You can source your products from dropshipers online.

Now what is Dropshiping? The answer for this will surely catch your attention! Now a Dropshiper is a company which sells products online at wholesale rates to retailers, and the best part is you don’t have to handle the product! The dropshiper will handle the product, package it, and ship or courier it to your customers directly using your Company name for you! Isn’t that sweet? Now There are lot of dropshippers available in the online market who sells quality products on whitelabel. Whitelabel means you can brand it with your own brand name. They will even dropship it in your brand name!

There is also a huge gap in demand and supply in India on some specific and rare products! And Ebay being one of the largest marketplace in the world can prove to be a gold mine for sellers. You can easily earn large profits from this online business model. I will cover the details of this online business opportunity in another post.



Online Store is an alternative to traditional Shops on street side. The advantage of being online is that you can target a large pool of customers. With the changing lifestyles, busy schedule and a bit of lazy mindset, people are getting used to buy online instead of searching on streets for the right products.

Well you can choose to sell any product online but choosing an on-demand product, which is in the latest trend in the peoples list is very beneficial. On such example is healthcare products. But the issue here is what product to sell, how to source the product, and the investment required for the product and how to promote it to large pool of customers. Now You don’t have to worry about all this as i will explain it in my detailed post. You can also set up your online Store from a turnkey business provider.

Now what does turnkey means? Well A turnkey business is an excellent business idea for someone who is entrepreneurial, motivated and hard-working, yet does not have the technical knowledge or specific expertise to start a business from scratch. The great advantage of a turnkey business is that it includes everything you need to get the business up and running. No extra work is required on your part to start it up; all you have to do is “turn the key” and it is off the ground. An alternative to high- risk businesses, a turnkey business uses reputation and goodwill to fuel its momentum and earning power.

This online business model has the potential to earn you a fortune. So look out for my post regarding Online store on many ways to set up this online business model.



You can start an Online business to fulfill a need for a larger business that is looking to outsource in a particular niche. In a recession, large companies are looking to cut costs in every area of their business. They look for the cheapest way to keep their business profitable. Sometimes, that means outsourcing rather than paying high salaries and benefits hiring employees for their firm.

So what you can do is being a middleman in this outsourcing transaction. You find outsourcing work and then give the job to the professionals who will do the job for you and then you return the completed job to those parent companies and they will pay you. You then keep the cut after paying to the professionals who in real did the job. So by being the middleman you can earn a lot of income and the best part about this online business model is the investments are bare minimum!

I will list in details how you can start an outsourcing company in my upcoming post on the same topic.


10. ONLINE WORK- From actual freelance & outsourcing websites:

Now this is not exactly an online business model but you earn enough money working online, if you are not willing to set up the businesses i mentioned earlier and if you want to start earning fast. But this method doesn’t bring you much amount of money and its no better than doing a 9 to 5 job!! And its not a passive source of income. i.e. you get paid once for the work you did once!! But anyways i can help you find a genuine online job but there is no easy work online! The websites which says ‘easy online work’ or ‘easy work from home’, are all scams and will waste your money time and effort! They will bring you to a point of frustration thus taking advantage of your weakness will stick you with another expensive scamy product in the end!
P.S. Stay away from those websites and scams


Now to know how to find genuine work online check out my upcoming post on Online work / Online Jobs..

Well i see lot of people search queries on Google for the term ‘how to earn money online without investment’! Now the fact is you need to invest certain amount of money into most of these online opportunities. The basic expenditures include a computer access, internet connection, website hosting, domain, and few software’s wherever required. Now these are not a huge investments. I guess you already have computer and internet connection as you are able to read my blog. So the rest expenditures like hosting and software’s are really minimal. It cost around anywhere between Rs. 75 to 300 per month in expenses in an average. And once you start earning you can expand your reach to more advance software’s available in the market.

You also need some patience to start seeing the real results from your efforts. You can’t just hope to start earning from the day one! A site or article needs time to mature and start attracting traffic to it for you then monetize from it. Typically you will see results from the fourth or fifth month and if you use your logic and hard work into use, you can start earning in five figures inside just ten months into the online business.

Now you need to choose the right way to earn money online best suited as per your skills. Read each articles and judge by yourself, which is the best way for you to build an income source online from the ideas i have listed here.

I haven’t listed surveys as an income source as realistically its not a credible option all of you can follow. This is more a limited and country specific and mostly only available to the people from USA.

I would personally suggest you to try Internet marketing and try to build an income source by Adsense or by promoting affiliate products from your Niche blogs. This is a Passive source of income and you can also start as part time from home. Follow my Affiliate marketing and blogging posts and articles to know more on this.

I hope the post was helpful for you to get a picture on genuine ways to earn money online. Please subscribe to my newsletter to get regular updates on my new posts. To your success… cheers